About AESF

What We Do

The Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation’s purpose is to provide educational opportunities for children to attend member schools.

Since 1999, the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation has given more than 1,596 scholarships to students thanks to Arizona taxpayers who have contributed to our tax credit program. Those scholarships have allowed children from all walks of life to experience an Episcopal education.

Board of Directors

President: James Culver, All Saints Episcopal Day School
Vice President: Kim Westfall, Christ Church School
Secretary: Cameron Taylor, Imago Dei Middle School
Treasurer: Richard Newcomer, St. Michael’s School

Renee Downing, Imago Dei Middle School
Leo Dressel, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School
Margie Freeze, Christ Church School
Jackie Abel, St. Peter’s Episcopal Montessori School
Margaret Moore, St. Michael’s School
Bonnie Shearer, St. Peter’s Episcopal Montessori School

“The tax credit program has allowed me to attend a school where not only the academic side is nurtured but also character building. The tax credit program has literally changed my life for the better, and the effects of this program will show up throughout my life.”

— JOSE MAGANA, Student